Blogging to Better Health

I subscribe to a few blogs (health blogs, humorous ones, Backwoods of course, and many wedding inspiration ones) and sometimes they completely overpower my inbox with information that I don’t have time to read. This week, however, I received an email about a new post on a great blog I subscribe to, The subject read ‘The motivation you need for today’s workout’ and so I took the time to actually read it. I think it’s perfect for this week – trying to push through your motivation blockers and tough workouts.

You can read it here: [By the way, I found from – a great resource… *look at the ‘Fitness’ category!* Tons of excellent resources]

Do you have a favorite blog or website or magazine that inspires you to be healthy? Post a comment to share with everyone else!


3 thoughts on “Blogging to Better Health

  1. Shirley Chihuly February 14, 2012 / 11:39 pm

    I truly believe that kicking up your intensity helps to shed the pounds. If you just plug along one tends to plateau. This has happened to me. I intend to kick up my intensity. The next couple of weeks I plan on walking every day, not just walking my one mile but two or three. I need to walk hard enough to sweat, not my leisurely stroll. I won’t have the opportunity to be in the gym, so I’ll have to do it all out of the gym. Good luck to everyone.

  2. Shirley Chihuly February 14, 2012 / 11:48 pm

    I hadn’t blogged on kicking up intensity thus the above blog. Now to comment on the question of what magazine inspires me to be healthy. That would have to be the Weight Watcher magazine. There are so many wonderful recipes, plus I love to read the success stories of those that had weight problems and got healthy. These are all people I can relate to. I also enjoy reading any material that Prevention magazine puts out. The Flat Belly Diet by Prevention is wonderful, now to get back on it. The foods are healthy and it all makes sense to be able to eat, not those 500 calorie a day diets, I would die on something like that or better yet be a very grouchy person to live with. I think you just have to change your lifestyle, easier said than done for me. I’ll just keep working on getting healthy one step at a time. I’ll keep it up with a good attitude, that’s what moves one ahead. Good luck to everyone this week!

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