Avoid Workout Mistakes

I read an article on Self.com that focused on the top ten exercise mistakes, and it really validated my mindset about this challenge. Some of the mistakes include:

  • Racing through your reps (light weight)
  • Not varying your exercise routine
  • Going at one speed instead of doing intervals
  • Overdoing crunches (neglecting your obliques and lower abs)
  • Relying on cardio alone without diet

It makes me feel good that our challenge addresses these common mistakes that people make. So, please remember to vary your workouts (equipment, weight, speeds, resistance, etc.) at the gym and vary your core workouts. I do not focus on diet in this challenge, but if your fitness goals include losing weight, you will have to make healthy diet choices to see a difference. Fad diets and weight loss “miracles” are not the answer – if there was a quick fix, everyone would be doing it. The best way to “diet” to lose weight is to eat healthy – fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains & eliminating processed foods and junk.

How do you feel after the first week?
Are you making any diet changes?
Have you been pushing yourself at the gym?
Have you eliminated processed foods?

Let us know what you’re enjoying about the challenge and what you’re struggling with – chances are, you’re not alone.


5 thoughts on “Avoid Workout Mistakes

  1. Jamie Leman January 22, 2013 / 12:19 pm

    I feel good after the first week but I know I could’ve done better. Since I didn’t come to the first potluck and didn’t get down to the workout center until Thursday to go over everything and do my first workout, I got a late start. Then we had family staying with us for five days which limited what I did. This week I hope to do much better. Diet changes have been minimal….gotta eat what we have on hand and supplies are low right now. Will be making a trip to town tomorrow to get food and I’m planning on stocking up on healthy stuff for the week. I did keep processed foods to a bare minimum and I am more aware of processed foods since beginning this challenge.

  2. Susan January 22, 2013 / 6:20 pm

    i REALLY thought that i did well the first week (other than NOT exercising) – but then i stepped on the scale 😦 i’m going to make a concentrated effort to get to the gym and begin the exercise part of this. i don’t have any trouble staying away from processed foods. i will focus more on portion control and more veggies & fruits – good thing i love fresh foods. it’s the start of a new week – time for me to buckle down. not looking to win anything – just form good habits.

  3. Tiff January 23, 2013 / 9:25 am

    My body feels like I just jumped into a giants hand who keeps pumbling me and squeezing muscles…but I also feel really great about these choices I am making. This is not the first time I have attempted to make healthier choices, but it’s the first time I feel focused and driven. After our potluck yesterday a bunch of us stayed and continued to work out, the last challenge of my night was to finish up with an elliptical workout…after about 10 minutes I wanted to just say “ok, that was good…” then I had an internal war for another few minutes, and questioned myself, who am I doing this for, what do I want, and I finally agreed with myself that I have to put this work in to myself to see any results. (Really like everything else in life…) Before I knew it I was over 18 minutes and pushed to finish at 20 minutes feeling great about my choices.
    I have eliminated processed foods and like Susan, that’s not hard. I am a big fan of fresh foods and prefer them over other foods any time. I have cut down on my portions though and I think that is the biggest challenge, to say, this is all I need, and let my body come to agreement with my mind, or vice versa.
    Lastly, seeing others success motivates me and inspires me to continue and keep my goals in the fore front. All of this is a challenge, but the results and interaction is what makes it easier every day! 🙂

  4. Terri January 24, 2013 / 6:29 pm

    I felt pretty good after the first week. Just beginning to move (from in front of the TV), but i didn’t do the ab work -ha! what i need the most! Yesterday was awesome! Thanks to my exercise buddy (and sister-mom), Tandy. We were at the club for one hour and i did 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 on the bike and my strength training (I am feeling it today!) When I got home I took a long hot shower and did my stretching and breathing in the shower. This challenge is helping me take care of me. I really like the group we have and I am looking forward to getting to know you all better. .
    After a great workout yesterday, I had to take a feral cat that we trapped up to the Kenai animal shelter today. After the kitty trauma, I decided that I would treat myself to a pedicure, since I am going to Las Vegas in a week. (don’t go to Signatures -by Fred Meyer -for anything…’nuff said). I also went shopping and bought healthy food. I don’t eat much processed food normally…so it’s not a problem for me, but I am very aware of what I’m buying. I got some fresh Kale and a beet that I am going to bake. I forgot my bags (again!) but I found a nice heavy cardboard box in the produce dept. and used it to put all my things in. It will be a nice box for storing stuff in because it has lid too (haha eco-well:)).
    One of the best things about this challenge is just being more aware. I don’t care that I get a point on paper -but it helps me notice the things I am called to do for others, and to balance it with caring for me.
    Thanks Brie for the opportunity!

  5. Zoe Dixon January 27, 2013 / 9:41 pm

    I feel like my last job (sitting at a desk for 5 years) has really allowed me to give myself an excuse to “let myself go”. I have always wanted to get myself into a gym, but I always felt intimidated by the amount of people in there at any given time. I would look around me and think, “What are you people doing in here? You’re the AFTER picture, and I am BEFORE.” Everyone I have met in this gym has been so nice, and I don’t feel like a million eyes are watching me sweat, so I love it! I have added in a calcium and vitamin D regiment into my diet, and I have cut out bad carbs and sugar. I am also not snacking late-night. We have a variety of work out videos at home, and it really helps to jump start my morning (even though sometimes the sore-ish muscles don’t feel like getting out of bed). I am finding that after the first week, I have increased my weights, and I have also been trying to change up my treadmill pace. I am not doing anything too drastic though… I don’t want to scare myself off of this program because as of right now, I am liking it and I intend to keep it that way. 🙂 And I agree with the “being aware” comment. I really think that I am a lot more mindful of my activities and diet, now, whereas before I didn’t really pay attention. I am also finding myself “bummed out” on Sundays when I can’t make it to the gym, and I never thought I would feel that way. It’s really refreshing. I am surprising myself on my healthier outlook and getting healthier in the process. It’s a win-win. 🙂

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