In The Thick of the Challenge

just a bit more
I can’t believe how quickly this challenge is flying by! It’s hard to believe we’re already past the halfway mark. This just shows to go (yeah, I say it backwards…on purpose…) how relatively short-lived this challenge is, and how we need to continue to push ourselves (and each other!) until the bitter end. Be wary of injuring yourself, of course, but in these next couple weeks try to up your game a bit. Increase your speeds or levels on the cardio equipment, or try some more challenging core exercises, or try holding your plank for just 2 seconds longer! Also – try to do more than the bare minimum to get your points… try to challenge yourself just a little bit more.

Those of you doing Tammy’s boot camp – congrats and great job! – and you can get a strength point for doing the class. All those body weight exercises that she’s got you doing should count for something, right? Also, if you warm up before class on a cardio machine but don’t reach 20 minutes, get back on after class and finish to get your point!

**This Week**
Core: 80 reps (Vary your moves! Try bicycles, flutter kicks, bosu ball crunches, etc. See below for some variations and standing exercises – use with weights or without)
Pushups: 16 minimum
Plank: Should be holding it at least 15 seconds longer than you did when we began!
Potluck: We changed the time to 5:00 for the rest of the potlucks! February 2nd and 9th will be at 5:00 in the yoga room, to accommodate those in boot camp. You can arrive when you can, whether it’s at 5 or 5:15. The final day of the challenge is the 16th, and we won’t have a potluck that day. We’ll be having a nice final banquet at the NTC Subsistence Building, catered by Tiffany! Yum! We’ll talk about the date for that at our upcoming potlucks.

Keep it up! We’re on the home stretch!!

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6 thoughts on “In The Thick of the Challenge

  1. Terri January 28, 2015 / 7:59 pm

    Thank you Brie. Thanks for the cute encouragements! The wiggly legged girl was me after boot camp. I am so glad to be doing the challenge. It gives me the motivation I need – I could be better (but I could be a lot worse too!) I’m so thankful for the boot camp too! Wow how inspiring! I can do it! Tammy is such a great coach/drill sergeant. Just when I think I can’t do anymore it’s over :o). Perfect use of the time. The potlucks are so Fun! I want it to go on and on.Hooray for US!

    • Shirley January 31, 2015 / 12:34 pm

      Terri, You have always been an inspiration to me. You are a beautiful lady, both inside and out. I am glad we are both doing the Vinter Vigglov and Boot Camp. Let me know if you want to exercise some evening or even on Saturday. See you on Monday.

  2. Kristin January 29, 2015 / 4:01 pm

    I am finally able to see a difference in my self from starting this challenge. Doing 80 core reps is a big challenge for me because not use to doing them out side of a pool but I am getting them done. Every one keep up the work it is definitely pay off.

    • Shirley January 31, 2015 / 12:37 pm

      Kristin, It is so good to see you doing the Challenge. Keep up the great work. I am so impressed to see you working out early in the mornings. That is pure dedication for sure. Good luck to you, your hard work is paying off!! See you on Monday.

  3. Shirley January 31, 2015 / 12:32 pm

    I am so thankful for Vinter Viggolov. I know that I would be doing very little if it were not for this. I am especially thankful for Boot Camp. This makes me go beyond what I have been doing and that is so little. I keep saying, “if I want to live long, I need to exercise” but after work I just do not have energy to even leave the house. Is this a sign of getting old? Thank you to Brie, Tammy and all the wonderful people who are in the Challenge and Boot Camp. I so enjoyed the potluck last week, so good to sit and talk with great people and share recipes and ideas. Time is indeed flying by so quickly. I enjoy seeing the preschool moms in the Challenge, keep up the great work everyone!

  4. Brittany February 2, 2015 / 11:59 am

    I pushed myself much harder this week. I increased my level on the eliptical and it kicked my butt. I also noticed though that my speed and distance have increased on the eliptical. I started running on the treadmill this week as well. Never thought I could run on the treadmill before. I also increased the amount of workouts I was doing at the gym. I was doing 1-2 a day and I increased to 2 or 3. I am now down 5lbs since this challenge started!

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