Keeping Healthy Habits

Congrats to all of you!! What an accomplishment completing this challenge is. (Trust me, I completely slacked off in the last couple weeks!)

The challenge ends tomorrow – {remember, no potluck} – but the real challenge is continuing your healthy lifestyle! Which healthy habits do you plan on keeping? Maybe you will continue to floss (it’ll make Dr. Zizi happy!), or you’ll want to make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep (if you’re not a parent of a toddler), or maybe you’ll continue to work out and cut out junk food… Small changes can make a huge difference.
I won’t be posting any final results until our awards banquet on Monday, March 2nd. Having it on March 2nd will give us enough time to get all the weekly sheets in and totals tallied and prizes finalized. The dinner will be around 5:15pm at the NTC Subsistence Building (across from the school up the hill behind Rod ‘n Real Charters) and it will be catered by Tiffany Stonecipher. If anyone has dietary restrictions, please email or talk to me within the week. The awards banquet is just for the challenge finishers – sorry, no plus-ones or plus-fives…
Thank you all for participating in my 6th annual VV Challenge. It’s been so fun having so many dedicated people! If you have any suggestions on how to make the challenge even better next year, send me an email!



3 thoughts on “Keeping Healthy Habits

  1. Shirley February 16, 2015 / 1:37 pm

    Thank you Brie! The six weeks went by quickly. It has been fun and challenging. I definitely plan on continuing to be healthy. It has been a hard 2 weeks for me too. Boot Camp helped me while being in the Challenge too. I am using my Kindle to do the Blog and it is a challenge for me. Our computer is not here or working. See you on Monday, March 2.

  2. Brittany February 17, 2015 / 11:12 am

    WOW, I can’t believe how fast the last 6 weeks has gone by! It was a great way to get through a big chunk of “winter”. I am down 8 lbs, however I slacked off a bit the last two weeks as life priorities took over and my presence was required more at home. So this week I am going to continue to try to make it into the gym as much as possible and keep up on my weight loss. Now that Valentines day is over I am also going to go back to no junk food. I want to continue flossing 2X per day. I flossed almost daily before the challenge but the 2X a day made a huge difference that I didn’t even know was possible. The Food journal really helped me keep from eating junk food but it’s one that I am happy to be done with. I found it to be a pain in the butt. I will, however continue to drink a minimum of 64oz of water per day. I did that before the challenge but during this challenge I focused more on my water consumption and it helped me to cut back on other beverages. Thank you Brie for all the hard work you put into this challenge. I will look forward to doing it again next year! I can’t wait to eat some of Tiff’s good food on March 2.

  3. Terri February 23, 2015 / 8:43 pm

    thanks Brie, I loved the challenge -loved getting to see old friends and make new ones. Brittany -you Rock!
    I am still motivated to Change and I love the stuff you give us to inspire- it does!

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