Congrats to you all! We’re almost done!

Is it just me, or did these 6 weeks just fly by?

ImageThis is your last chance to get some points.. remember to look at the descriptions to make sure you’re increasing your difficulty. Trust yourself – you know your own body better than anyone else – only push yourself as hard as you can. You should be up to 120 core exercises and 20 pushups, increased your plank by at least 25 seconds, and added an extra sun salutation to your routine.

I already miss our Saturday classes with Tammy (and Boot Camp!) and can’t wait until she returns from her trip.

So, in our final few days, I hope you’ll keep the intensity high! You get what you work for, not what you wish for.

ImageYou are all so amazing and inspiring.
Thank you all for making this challenge so great! 



Week 5!

The key to a healthy life:933603caf2af381ddcc7b67f0c7127fc

Welcome to week 5! I can’t believe how quickly this is going!
It feels like we just started, yet we’re almost done.

In the past, this week is where many people have slowed down, eaten more, exercised less, or quit the challenge entirely. I encourage all of you to push forward and finish this challenge with PRIDE!

I love hearing inspiring stories… if you have a moment, watch this video:

Shared from
What can you accomplish in 100 days? After reaching a peak weight of 348 pounds and suffering from depression and low self-esteem, San Francisco resident LaKeisha Shurn decided to turn her life around. She joined the #giveit100 challenge with the specific goal of hitting the gym every day for 100 days. Her journey wasn’t just about losing weight — she resolved to improve her confidence and learn to love herself, flaws and all.

She posted daily videos on the #giveit100 website and at the end of her challenge, compiled a timelapse video that shows her struggles, triumphs, and a whole lot of sweat. Over the 100 days, LaKeisha lost 18 pounds and two dress sizes, but more importantly, she also went from depressed to happy and hopeful, and from feeling helpless to empowered. Inspired by her own transformation, she extended her goal to a full 365-day challenge.

Do you have any stories to share? Your own, possibly? Something you found online? If it inspired you, chances are it will inspire someone else. Feel free to share them here!

Did you know that this is Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb. 10-16) – this week, try to make a conscious effort to get your service point. Remember, it doesn’t have to be something earth-shattering 🙂

What plans do you have for Valentine’s Day? Going out with friends or your significant other? Indulging on chocolate? Skipping the dessert to stay focused on eating healthier?

Week 4 – HALFWAY

Wow. We are officially past our halfway point! Congrats to all of you for making it this far…it’s not an easy feat to stay motivated. I’m so proud of each and every one of you for making (and sticking with) this commitment!816d0d454fac538c237d3265f2f1bbfc

We’ve all heard that you won’t lose weight if you don’t change what you eat…right? This is a hard one for me, and I’m sure I’m not alone. (I hope!) I have very little self control over my food cravings. One thing I have to remind myself over and over (and over…and over…) is portion control. Here’s a nice graphic that I found for reference. —->

Here are some Healthy Eating tips I found at (love this site!):

1. Moderate, don’t deprive.
No need to go cold turkey forever when it comes to your favorite treats. Aim to eat nutritious foods your body loves 80 percent of the time. Use that other 20 percent to treat yourself a bit.

2. Graze healthfully. 
Tide yourself over between meals with healthier snacks. Whether your thing is sweet or savory, crunchy or chewy, there are plenty of options for snacking smart. Bonus: Not being too ravenous at the next meal might make it easier to eat slowly, notice your body’s fullness cues, and not overeat

3. Eat fresh produce throughout year.57b8e9cee4135d375a4d0b682aba4c03
Keep an eye on what’s in season because eating fresh means eating the tastiest fruits and veggies around.
[TIP: If your food can go bad, it’s good for you.
If it can’t go bad, it’s bad for you.]

4. Indulge smarter. Chocolate-dipped strawberries? Choco-Nut popcorn? Yes, please. Lower sugar doesn’t have to mean less deliciousness.  

5.  Understand emotional eating. 
There is a link between how we feel and how we eat, particularly when it comes to stress. Figuring out what kind of eater you are and whether you look to food to comfort you in times of anger, boredom, stress, or sadness will help you formulate a plan for making different decisions when faced with those emotions.

6. Make holidays, birthdays, and special occasions a little healthier. 
Holidays and special occasions are always a good reason to enjoy delicious food. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to celebrate without going overboard

7. Be mindful at meal times 
Staying tuned in to what you’re eating (as opposed to the phone or T.V.) is a great way to eat until you’re full, but not beyond. Being relaxed and mindful can also help you heed fullness cues.

8. Start the day with healthy.
Studies suggest that eating breakfast is linked to sustained weight loss and weight management, particularly when that breakfast is nutritious and fiber-rich and high in protein.

9. Make holidays, birthdays, and special occasions a little healthier.
Holidays and special occasions are always a good reason to enjoy delicious food. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to celebrate without going overboard.

10. Use the buddy system.
Having a partner with the same healthy-eating ambitions has been shown to help both people reach their goals. If you don’t yet know anyone with goals similar to yours, find community online.


Thoughts?? Comments?

How are you feeling after 3 weeks?
Are you ready to re-commit yourself for the final 3 weeks??

Week 3!

Two weeks down! (Already?!)

Goal sheets posted at the Club

Please get your sheets turned in soon! There are some of you who haven’t turned in last week’s yet, so please get those to me as soon as you can.
We also only have 8 GOAL sheets – It is important to write down your goals!

Don’t forget to increase again this week. Plank: add 5 seconds, Core: add 20, Pushups: add 2. Not challenging enough? Add more! This should be difficult but not impossible.
This week, you should evaluate the difficulty of this challenge. If this is easy for you to get all the points, think about increasing your reps or duration, etc. This is a minimum to get your point – you can always do more. Challenge yourself! 

Here is a video I found on from Self Magazine (a great resource!) on Plank variations. Holy moly, these are tough. Plank is tough enough, but adding some of these advanced moves might be a good idea. Obviously, listen to your body, and only push yourself as much as you can. Don’t injure yourself.

How are you doing?
Any questions or concerns?
Any tips for your fellow challengers?
Any new recipes to share? (Thank you, Sue!)

Week 2 .::

Hi all!

Sorry for the late post this week – holiday weeks throw me off! But, no excuses… :}

I’m so encouraged by all of the increased Club activity so far! It’s so great to see you all coming in to rack up some points – even if you’re cursing me for forcing you to come. 🙂 Image

This week, we’re increasing or adding reps and moves! Yay! Don’t forget to add 20 core exercises, 2 pushups, 5 seconds to your plank, and also add Balancing Chair to your Sun Salutations. 

A note about the Sun Salutations: there are many different ways to do them, and I’ve updated the Sun Sals page to show videos that may help you find what’s comfortable for you. 

I encourage you all to use this blog as a sounding board to ask questions, motivate each other, share recipes, complain about the really mean health club manager that’s making you do all of this work… kidding, please don’t complain about me. It hurts my feelings. 😉

Boot Camp starts on Monday! I see some of you are signed up, but we still have some openings – spread the word – this will challenge you, make you sweat, make you sore, and make you hate Tammy just a tiny bit…but it’s so worth it! YOU are worth it. You can’t put a price tag on your health (okay, maybe for this you can…)

How are you all doing this week?
Still motivated to make some changes?
What are you finding easy and what’s harder for you?
Please continue (or start!) sharing your service, eco, and heart-well points by clicking on the links above.

Remember, if you need any help with any aspect of this challenge, just ask!!

Here’s to another week! Woooo! 



Welcome 2014 Challengers!!

Congrats on making the first step toward a healthy you!

I am very excited about the turnout last night, and I am encouraged to get healthier with all of you. This blog serves to help everyone keep in touch with each other. Without our weekly potluck meetings this year, it is especially important to stay motivated.

Just a few notes about the challenge…
*if there is something that you are unable to do on the checklist, please talk to me and we can modify it!
*Please listen to your body and only push yourself as much as your body allows – we do not want any injuries.
*If you are going out of town, you won’t be able to get points for cardio or strength, but everything else can be done anywhere
*Don’t forget about Tammy’s group class on Saturdays at 10am!
*If you workout with Tammy or during the Saturday class, your cardio will still count! (If you do 20 minutes, of course) Score!

If you have any questions during the challenge, email me or stop in and I’ll be happy to

This week, I’d like you to focus on setting your goals. As stated on, “Talking about your goals with friends, family members or colleagues helps you focus on what you want. It can also help you identify any opportunities or challenges ahead. Perhaps most important, it gives you a sense of accountability. By telling people close to you of your plans, you’re giving yourself extra incentive to follow through. If you don’t act on your plans, you then have to explain to those around you why you didn’t make any progress.” I want to hang up all of our goal sheets to help encourage each and every one of us!
Remember, you can write your name on the bottom line, or keep them anonymous.

To receive your blog post this week, please leave a comment on this post introducing yourself – a quick intro to who you are and what you’d like to accomplish during these six weeks. You can also post any questions or comments you may have. Have fun with this!

{I am leaving the prior posts on this blog – you’re welcome to browse past posts for inspiration} -Brie